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ECO Garden Co Ltd is a pioneer in the premium NFC juice category in China. Our headquarters located in Beijing however our agency offices are rapidly covering various provinces, showing a growing demand in quality organic products. Started by a couple of eco food lovers, Eco Garden Co intend to grow from a regional provider of organic food and supplements into a brand that crafts delicious products for everyone that loves to feel their own vitality globally.
Our hand-crafted juices from organic sourced raw fruits and vegetables are cold-pressed so they remain truly raw. We use 100% organic produce, as defined by the highest standards of organic farming, thus our products are made only with fresh fruits and vegetables. No fillers, no concentrate, no added sugar, no honey, no dairy, no yogurt; only raw produce that is delivered fresh every single day and delivered in the most suitable for storage and consumption packing.


Apple juice is the wonderful healthiest juice to keep you away from diseases and ailments.